Hi, I’m Miss Stacy! I am currently an Early Steps provider for Polk County (Central Florida).
I have 14 years experience of working with children that have developmental delays. I work with the early learners (birth – 5 years old) in their home where I provide parent training & behavior modification. I use ABA techniques in the natural environment to develop new skills. No 2 children are the same, so why should their intervention be? I have learned how to use classical and operant techniques in a way that works with the child, their personality, and my own.

I’m not your average ABA therapist! I don’t do table work, DTT, nor use food to get the child to cooperate. I like to use play therapy and every opportunity available in the environment to provide natural consequences. I have lots of creative ideas on how to manipulate the environment to promote the child’s learning.

I have set up my Pages for the 5 different areas of development:

  1. Adaptive : these are practical, everyday skills necessary for independence.
  2. Language : skills that allow the individual to understand and produce spoken language. Includes listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  3. Motor : any action involving muscles.
  4. Social : interactions with each other, both verbally and nonverbally.
  5. Cognitive : core skills your brain uses to think, learn, remember, reason, & pay attention.

Have a look around, if there is something you’re looking for that I haven’t written about, please contact me for ideas. I’d love to help!

If the child isn’t learning, I’m not teaching it correctly!

* My posts are based on my experiences and opinions. *