Hand Puppets

hand puppets

Encourage language by singing songs that are repetitive. Old MacDonald is my go-to song!! These hand puppets will also help with motor and social skills.

Here are some ways to target each skill:

  • Language : Have your kiddo identify and label each animal. Have them imitate animal sounds. Leave phrases out while singing and have your kiddo fill them in.
  • Motor : Model for your kiddo how to use their fingers to move the puppet’s hands. Move one hand at a time. Move them both together.
  • Social : Have each animal interact with each other and say something about themself. For example, the horse can say, “I’m brown. I eat apples.”

Have fun playing!!

Role Play


One way to help with social skills is to role play.

Children with autism want to socialize, they just don’t know how! So they engage in socially awkward behaviors such as pushing, invading personal space, stimming, etc. Instead of apologizing to the other parent, TEACH your child what they need to say to get the child to play with them.

You can work on these skills at home by role playing with dolls or action figures. Act out scenarios where one approaches the other and says something like “Do you want to play with me?”

Practice. Practice. Practice.